I’m Amy, and this is the blog I started in April 2009 because I thought blogs and bloggers were really cool. I made up a goofy name, wrote three entries, and promptly abandoned it. Now, armed with a much greater appreciation for all the bloggers out there who post on a regular basis, I’m trying again. Here’s how I think I can stay on track this time:

Step 1: Dust off the only entry I liked from last year and post it. Done. Bonus = it’s a good back story to Step 2.

Step 2: Embark on the most amazing opportunity I’ve had in a long time: six weeks of paid vacation my employer calls, “Renewal.” In these six weeks I’ll attend a cooking boot camp in upstate NY; travel to Spain and London; and then collapse at the beach in good ‘ole NC. I’m calling this trip, “Eat, Pray I Don’t Gain Too Much Weight, Love.” (The love part = traveling with my husband and sister,¬†visiting my parents and other family in NC, and of course my love of food.)

Step 3: Try to blog about it all, more consistently this time. I’m now armed with enthusiasm, a personal challenge to buck my perfectionist tendencies, and an iPhone.

Away we go!


3 Comments to “About”

  1. Sounds fantastic Amy, teaching & making art never had perks like this! We look forward to a great meal, prepared by a good cook who is also a relative, sometime soon!

    Incidentally, we have eaten twice in a superb restaurant in NYC called Blue Hill., they also have a farm near Westchester which supplies them (you can eat there too) See if anyone at your cooking camp knows it.

  2. I loved your CILT description. I am glad that Lyn and Anne want to know as much as me! I can’t believe you are up by 5:47 AM! This must be a pretty awesome place! Love you … Bon Appetitie! Mom

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