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October 2, 2011

Dear Baby (October 2nd)

I wrote this almost a year ago – holy cow, a lot happened since then! We did find out it was twins, dealt with the loss of one, found out the other was healthy, went to Key West, bought a house while Adam was in Vegas, moved, bought another car (suburbs!), and then fell madly in love with our Ellie Rose when she arrived.

Dear Baby,

I’ve known about you for a week now, and all I’m hoping for is that I’ll get to know you some day! It’s an odd feeling to be so excited, yet know that there’s a big possibility you aren’t THE baby that’s supposed to come to us. So my plan is to stay positive and hope you are until I get information telling me otherwise.

I think that because it was a long and difficult process just to get to this place, my fear sensors are still on high alert. I’m fighting them as best I can, with your Dad’s help. He’s in a similar place, though he’s struggling with the fact that we have to go act all business as usual, when we both know it’s not. We’re nervous, but ready to shout about you from the rooftops, and plan for your arrival. We also want to know if you have a buddy in there – going the fertility specialist route often = TWINS.

So far I’m feeling fine. My boobs hurt, and I’m starting to have weird dreams and pee a lot at night. It’s probably too early for the tiredness and nausea to set in, but I’m grateful for all the physical symptoms because they remind me you’re there. Thank you for that. Take care and enjoy all the good things I’m eating. The fajitas your dad and I made together last night were delicious! I hope you like oatmeal because I have it every morning…