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May 15, 2011

Soul Searchers

I’ve never been a dedicated journal writer, so I’m not all that surprised it’s been harder for me to keep posting.  But I’m craving some sort of creative outlet right now, so here I am!

I’ve been quite busy doing lots of soul searching lately.  I’m going through a difficult time in my life and for better or worse, it’s affording me lots and lots of time to think.  Normally this isn’t always a good thing for me, but this time I’ve been trying to do all that thinking differently.  How can I feel less sorry for myself?  Can I just let go?  How can I embrace joy, even when it’s not my own?  What can I do to interrupt the negative thinking, and take a break from trying too hard to fix things?

There are actually many answers to these questions.  Sometimes it’s simply that I can’t, and that’s ok.  I’m not great at just being sad and asking for help, but I’m working on it.  This is a huge area of growth for me, and I’ve had to discover who can help when I am feeling overwhelmed and the hope is just a little too far out of reach.

Other times all I have to do is:

  • Dream.  Lately I’ve been plotting what I want to be when I grow up (most recent thought: I want my own TV show, especially now that Oprah is calling it quits).
  • Dance.  I recently shut the door to my office at work and did just that, using this video
  • Call/see/write a friend.  Especially if she’s my sister, and we’re eating those Big Daddy’s fried pickles you can see on my new header.
  • Take a walk.  And buy myself a treat.  Like a new pen or some bubble tea.
  • Do a yoga class. Especially ones taught by Kevin or Siobhan or Dibora or Melissa…

And now I’ll write, right here.