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September 7, 2010

Sore Losers

A few weeks ago, Adam and Emma (a semi-former Critical Exposure staffer) repaid a bet.  You see Emma, Adam, Claire (another semi-former staffer) and I had a serious, throw-down, trash-talking March Madness pool: we filled out our brackets at the last minute, forgot who we picked as we watched the first games of the tournament, all while explaining who the good teams usually are to Claire.

We settled on a high-stakes bet – the losers had to make the winners some sort of dessert.  Claire won, due to that special March Madness law of physics that states the least educated pool member must win the pool as often as possible.  (A true story: last year a friend’s four-year old won her office pool – and $150 bucks! – by picking the mascot he liked best in each match-up.)  I came in second because while winning the pool is nice, beating Adam is even sweeter and my priorities were rewarded by the basketball gods.

So what did Adam and Emma, two of the finest citizens of our land make us, FOUR MONTHS later?  Behold, the dessert of sore loser-hood: Beaker (Claire’s hated nickname/namesake) imposed over a Duke Blue Devil.  On a cupcake.