I’m sitting outside one of my favorite museums in the world, the Victoria and Albert museum in London. Do you have a museum that you feel is “yours?” The V&A is mine.

We met when I was 22 and living in London after I graduated from college. My roommates couldn’t come with me for some reason, so I set out on my own to this place. It sounds sort of odd, but I’d never been to a museum by myself before and had no idea how wonderful it could be. I skipped whole rooms and then lingered as long as I wanted in others. It was heaven.

And now here I am again. Beth’s flat is a 10 minute walk away and I have the day to myself. I plan to lose track of time and skip and linger as much as I want. In a strange way, this is the first time it’s really hit me that I’m on this renewal. The cooking class and trip to Spain were all-consuming in the best ways, but this is the place I’ve had time for getting lost – in an exhbit, in my thoughts, you name it. It’s heaven all over again.


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