CILT Program – Chef In Lots of Training

Oh my goodness am I having fun!  This program is EXACTLY what I hoped it would be – lots of learning and hard work.  And that’s just the eating part!  It’s an embarrassment of riches here, and my only mistake was taking this course right before bathing suit season.  You can start the day off with a full breakfast of you’d like, then you eat a huge lunch that includes desserts that the pastry students made in their classes (we share the same building, unfortunately), and at night we’re making our way through 3 course dinners at the CIA’s amazing restaurants on campus.  It’s almost too much to take.  (I can hear the violins, I know.)

Thyme Terrace - all the streets on campus are named after herbs. Cute!

This next section is for my mom, Lyn Satisky, and Anne Sherman who I know are just teeming with questions:

  1. There are 13 people in the class
  2. There are only 1 or 2 annoying people in the class so far, and neither are in my cooking group (thank goodness)
  3. Yes, they divided us up into 4 groups and we cook together in the same group all week
  4. Yes, I get to do plenty – just today I made macaroni and cheese from scratch, assisted a teammate with the salad, and plated our “demo” plate to be evaluated by the chef
  5. No, the chef isn’t like Gordon Ramsey – he’s quite nice and happy to provide guidance and help
  6. I get to bring all the recipes home
  7. Yes, I’ll cook for you, but don’t expect greatness – it’s just one week!
  8. The best part is dirtying tons of dishes without having to wash them myself (yes – just like at home, Adam)
  9. Fun fact/observation: the campus used to house a Jesuit school, and the dining hall reminds all of us of the Hogwarts dining hall in the Harry Potter series

And now for the photo I promised of me in my “whites” and toque.  I took this in the mirror in my hotel room, so it’s pretty goofy.  I haven’t had time to ask one of my classmates to take one, so I’ll try to get another soon.

Yesterday we spent the day learning knife skills and cuts and got to smell and taste a lot of new and exotic sauces and condiments.  (Needless to say, we all shied away from tasting the fish paste.)  Today we learned about high-heat cooking, and then were let loose in the kitchen where we cooked our hearts out for three hours straight.  We essentially cooked each other lunch, and got to taste each team’s dishes.  Tomorrow it’s grilling and I’ve called the lamb dish my team was assigned – wish me luck!

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7 Comments to “CILT Program – Chef In Lots of Training”

  1. I’m so thrilled you’re having this experience and sharing it with us!!

    Continue to have a blast. I’ll stay tuned.

  2. Hi Amy,

    I LOVE your blog. The name is adorable, the writing is fantastic, and the content is interesting, fun to read, and fabulous. I didn’t know you are such an excellent writer.
    Thanks for answering my questions in advance!
    Please write a lot and often!
    Bon Appetit!

    I was there when my nephew graduated. It is quite a school.

    Glad you don’t have to wash the dishes…that is a luxury.

    Love, Lyn

  3. 1. You don’t have to clean up after!! That’s awesome.
    2. I look forward to you teaching me the knife skills you learn (that’s always the most impressive thing to see when watching Top Chef) and also this so called high heat cooking. I will have more detailed questions for you about both of these topics.
    3. Will you be trying out for Top Chef soon? It’s a shame you missed being cast in the DC season.

  4. Knife skills – what is wrong with jagged edges, uneven sizes and a little blood in the onions?
    great picture – and my mouth is watering.

  5. Alison and Mike would love to know the name of your chef!

    • Hi Jeanne! My chef instructor was David Bruno. He says he’s been there a few years, and is in the continuing ed. dept. so I’m not sure if Alison and Mike were there when he came on board. I’m so impressed with CIA – can’t wait to talk to you about it more. What a place!

  6. A reply from your remedial (and now official) first-time-blogger Aunt Jill. I think we should send you there every year & self-publish your blog. I’m hungry just looking at the pictures (although goat cheese is the only food I really can’t stand–why is everybody using it now???), and I can’t WAIT for the beach trip! Five days may seem like just a few to you, but next to our no days, it sounds like experience to me!

    I have a few more questions. Know you’re surprised. Will save them. Love you!

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