Eat, Pray I Don’t Gain Too Much Weight, Love

Today is the day!  I’m staring my six-week “AARP Renewal” adventure of cooking, eating, drinking, traveling, eating, spending time with family and friends, and eating some more.

I’m mostly excited with a dash of overwhelmed.  Honestly, I’m just feeling plain lucky – though I worked hard for this privilege and completely deserve it!  So thank you for thanking me, AARP.

Speaking of thanks, I have the best co-workers ever.  They took me out for a bon voyage lunch yesterday which you’d think was wonderful enough, but it wasn’t for them.  Check out my cute new apron, one of many thoughtful and useful gifts for all my travels.  David even parted with that bottle of Spanish Rioja eventually, though it did involve some prying of fingers.  (Jeanne is on the left, and Julie insisted on taking the photo!)

Yes, we dress alike as much as possible because it promotes team spirit.

I’ll be in NYC with the U of R crew tonight, and then I’m off to Hyde Park, NY via Poughkeepsie tomorrow.  Wheeeee!

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One Comment to “Eat, Pray I Don’t Gain Too Much Weight, Love”

  1. Officially living vicariously through you starting … now!

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